Ldap Server


Wpldap - WWW interface to LDAP server  v.0.6.4

WWW interface to LDAP server allows to administer LDAP directory using WWW interface.

LDAP Client for Windows Demo  v.1.0.1

LDAP Client for Windows is a tool for searching and managing a Directory using the LDAP protocol. It can connect to an LDAP server and search, view, modify, create, delete, LDIF export entries and view LDAP schema.


LDAP user management utilities  v.11.0.1

Two small script written in Perl allows you to manage accounts in the LDAP-server.

Ldap-csvexport  v.1.2.1

This small perl program allows you to easily export LDAP entries from an LDAP server (MS ActiveDirectory for example) to csv format.

PhpLDAPadmin  v.1.2.2

phpLDAPadmin is a web-based LDAP administration tool for managing your LDAP server.

Cerberus FTP Server  v.5.0.12

Cerberus FTP Server is a full-featured and secure FTP server. It is free for personal, non-business use. Companies can purchase it for $69.95. I have to admit that I haven't used FTP servers for a long time.

Softerra LDAP Administrator  v.2012.1

Softerra LDAP Administrator is an easy-to-use LDAP administration tool designed to work with almost any LDAP server including Active Directory, Novell Directory Services, Netscape/iPlanet, etc.

Alternate LDAP  v.1.300

Alternate LDAP is a small and easy to use application that can help you search public LDAP servers for emails and phone numbers.

LDAP Probe  v.1.3

About LDAP ProbeA tool for viewing LDAP records.

LDAP to Address Book  v.3

This utility will allow you to synchronize all Mac OS X 10.


SIDVault is a Simple Integration Database, allowing easy management and install with high performance ILS server. Its easy to administration, supports all relevant RFC protocols LDAP v2, LDAP v3, HTTP and ILS.


A Complete, advanced Mail Server, MailServer is secure, easy to install and manage. This email server is fast, reliable and feature rich, with integrated WebMail. Users can create and manage blogs.Advanced spam filtering, enhanced SPF stops most spam

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